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Entrepreneur Category requirements

You may have been in New Zealand on a long term business visa to enable you to buy or establish and work in your business, and now wish to apply for residence.


Working in your own business while holding a long term business visa allows you to apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Category.

All applicants – you and your partner and dependent children (if applicable) – must meet our health, character and English language requirements. The other requirements are summarised below.
Establishment of business in New Zealand

You will need to submit evidence to demonstrate you have successfully established a business in New Zealand. 


Please note that your application under the Entrepreneur Category will not be approved if:

    the business that you have established and operated is different from the one included in your long term business visa application (or one modified with the written consent of the Business Migration Branch), unless
    the business that you have established would have met the requirements for a business plan under the Long Term Business Category, and
    the business that you have established required at least the same level of capital investment as your original proposal, and
    you have relevant experience for the new business.

To have successfully established a business in New Zealand you must have:

    established or purchased, or made a substantial investment in a business operating in New Zealand
    been self-employed in your business in New Zealand for two years
    created an economic benefit for New Zealand.

You will also need to ensure that your business complies with New Zealand employment and immigration law, and that you or any of your family members have not applied for or been granted social welfare benefits in New Zealand. 

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